Moi's Spicy Noodle Express

Anywhere I go – from ordinary to fine restaurants, fast food chains, to birthday parties or any other soial gatherings where there’s festivity or a banquet – I can’t seem to overlook pancit or any egg noodle recipes. Pancit is my all-time favorite. This is a kind of recipe I can’t live without in a week. Others may think it’s too ordinary and dull for a frequent part of the weekly meal plan. Not me. In fact, I just had pancit for dinner earlier. :D
Would you believe if I say this is just made out of a pack of instant noodles? It is! I call it Moi’s Spicy Noodle Express.

Here’s what you will need:

A pack of instant Noodles (preferably Nissin’s Ramen. My favorite is seafood. :D)
Chicken meat  (I used two small cuts of chicken thigh or a bigger cut will do.)
Squid balls (Each ball is cut into four parts. About 4-5 balls will do)
Young corn
Green beans (about 3-4 stalks)
Cabbage (thinkly sliced)
Onion and garlic
Red bell pepper (optional) I don’t really use bell pepper that much.
Instant noodles seasoning
Ground black pepper (I want my noodles spicy so I add more pepper to it every time.)

Now, let’s cook!

1. Saute garlic and onion in as little as a tablespoon ofoil.
2. Add chicken meat and and squid balls. Cook for like 3-5 minutes till they’re golden brown.
3. Add half a pack of the instant noodles seasoning. Shortly add a cup of water. When I say cup it means a coffee cup.
4. Leave it to boil then add young corn, beans, carrots, cauliflower and the noodles. Dash it with ground pepper and let it cook for 2 minutes or till noodles are tender.
5. Lastly, add thinly sliced cabbage.  I prefer using lots of cabbage like half for a small sized one.
6. Serve and consume while it’s sizzling hot.

See it’s just all about adding a new twist to make ordinary cooking exciting. Additionally, it is through this recipe where you can find out how to make meals for two with just a pack of instant noodles.Wanna try it now? :D

See you! ;)

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  1. noodles is my fave food, my comfort food :-) this looks delish and am sure it taste heavenly too. Thank you also for the recipe. Visiting for YS, hope that you can return the favor too.

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  3. I also love pansit! But I am more of a "sotanghon"person. I just love the think texture of sotanghon especially if it's cooked with chicken liver and lots of vegetables. :)

  4. Many people underestimate the power of Pancit but if we really cook it in an innovative way, it becomes epic! No wonder we have many popular versions of pancit like Pancit Luglog, Pancit Malabon, Pancit Canton, hehe...


  5. I like pancit too! :) And I really love how you used instant noodles for this recipe. I'll definitely try this soon. It seems a great way to take ordinary instant noodles up a notch.

  6. I love pancit, too! this recipe looks easy to prepare. I'll bookmark it for my future reference.. :P

  7. I'd try this one time ... then I'll let you know about the results.

  8. you're right palagutom. it is just actually a matter of how you prepare that makes an ordinary dish a special one. :)

  9. sotanghon is love too, julie :-)

  10. i love pancit too, sotanghon, bihon, canton and palabok. =) i'll try your recipe.

  11. I'm no cook so I'm all for simple recipes. Definitely love spicy noodles. I've copied your instructions and will cook for dinner tonight!

  12. big fan din ako ng noodles . Teka ginugutom na ako ..

  13. Thanks Aleah. You will enjoy it, promise! :D