DIY Outdoor Christmas Tree

We’ve had emergency situation that cut our power supply the whole time yesterday. My reaction would have been the usual – whine even if I know it won’t help the situation at all. But yesterday’s different. My sister, Thea and I found something fun to do to make use of the time– putting up lights at mom’s windows – making different shapes out them.

But not only that… I spotted this coconut shrubs piled at mom’s backyard and thought it’ll make a nice outdoor Christmas tree. I grabbed some and bind them together. Sister positioned the shrubs in an empty paint container; fill it with rocks enough to hold the shrubs standing still. I pulled out old ornaments (balls, and bells) I used from last year and she started hanging them on the tree. Then we added a chasing light to complete the set.

The making of the DIY outdoor Christmas tree with my sister, Thea

The things needed:

Coconut shrubs (as many or as little as you wish)
Conducting strand or thin strand of wire to tie the shrubs together
Plier to cut the wire
Plastic container and rocks to hold the shrubs

Our finished product...

Now, we don’t only have dazzling lights to run at night but we also have a nice outdoor tree that costs literally nothing but a just little bit of our effort. :D