Making Something Special Out of Something Ordinary

I used to be big on instant noodles. I really didn’t care. But not till I realize I need to eat healthy too if I want to lose fast. That’s where I started personally preparing my own everyday meals. And yes I still keep instant noodles on my grocery shopping list. They’re up for grab usually when fridge is out of goodies and till I decide to fill it again.

This time around though, I just don’t unpack, cook and gobble it as it is. I have to turn it into something healthy and make it look a little inviting to the eyes and the palate. That is where these fresh and colorful veggies come to the rescue!

Other times when I available, I even add slice of meat or sausages to it making it a whole lot tastier. See? :D

If your kids at home would love their meals colorful, then this simple twist may help. :)

Linking to Yummy Sunday.



  1. i also add veggies when cooking instant noodles :) very yummy!

  2. very colorful and looks delish :-) my kids love noodles especially in the weekend. Thank you for giving me this idea :-) Dropping some love for Yummy Sunday, hope that you can return the favor too.