Lucky Bamboo Pyramid

No, I didn’t make it myself before you ask. :)

JK spotted it at a fortune plant store that’s sitting right across the grocery store where we’ve had grocery shopping one day. He thought we need one to give our hotel room a little bit of adornment. I’m talking about the vacation we had last month where we stayed for 15 days in a hotel and yes maybe he thought we need something live and fresh to look at around our room other than the bed, the TV (which we even barely use, by the way) and the laptops.

They’re attractive and very creatively done plants indeed. But I look at their prices and geez they’re no cheap! I was going to say NO but he insisted to bring home one. He let me pick but in the end, we both agreed on this.

It needs nourished too so we bought a pack of its food as well. We roughly paid $23 for both (the plant and its food). It needs watered once in every two weeks and needs fed once in a month. Practically a pack of its food would last maybe about a year or so.

See how it gives life to our room? :D

I know it's crazy but we’re calling it our baby… for now. Ha-ha-ha! But obviously he can’t take it back home with him so I am left to take care of it alone. :D


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  1. It's beautiful.

    Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  2. Lovely plant and wonderful story to go with it ~ ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy MYM ^_^

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