JK's Pepperific Stuffed Peppers

Howdy people… the homemaker is back!

I know I never mention about JK’s promise to make me Stuffed Peppers when he comes back. But guess what… he did!

But before I ask you to scroll down for the recipe, let me first tell you a little something about it. To many stuffed peppers may sound familiar. But I first heard about it from JK. (Get to know him HERE or find out how he is related to me HERE.)

So anyway, the recipe is part of his family’s ordinary meal but I find it interesting so I asked him to show me how to make it the next time he visits me here in the country. And that visit happened about three weeks ago making him an obvious reason why I was away for a while.

So one of the first few things we did was this. He made sure to accomplish what he had promised before anything else so on our first day together we went on shopping for what we need to make stuffed peppers.

Unfortunately, large bell peppers were out of stock so we just ended up taking home the medium-sized ones.

The rest of the ingredients:

Rice (could be white or brown rice) But here we used  Knorr’s Mushroom flavored rice.
Ground Beef (you may also use other meat of your choice)
Garlic and onion (chopped)
Salt and pepper to taste
Tomato sauce


Mix all the ingredients together.
Carefully bring the seeds out the bell peppers and stuff each with the mixture.
Arrange stuffed peppers in a pan, pour down the tomato sauce and add a dash of salt and pepper on top.
Cover pan with aluminum foil and let it sit on heated pan coil for an hour to an hour and a half.

Now after the waiting is done, here's my fair share of the thing. Hmm, tastes a little bit tangy yet still tasty.

So what do you think? Easy enough?

JK of course had a plate too and since we planned on leaving down to mom's house on the same day,  all the rest of the cooked peppers we shared with some of the hotel staffs and glad they liked it too. ;)


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  1. Wow that's an easy recipe! Would surely love to try this one. for the family. :)

    Visiting here from YS, mine's here: Fu Yuan Tea House. Hope you could visit it too! ^_^

  2. how does it taste nance? do you have to eat the peppers? i am not a fan of peppers actually, i don't eat them... hehehe.. visiting from YS!

  3. Taste a little tangy but still tasty Pinx and no I didn't eat the peppers. I'm just no big on bell peppers too like you. JK did. :D

  4. what an interesting recipe. I guess I'll end up eating the beef, hehe. I may not eat the pepper but I like to mix it with other veggies or meat coz it enhances the taste.
    visiting from my YS entry. thanks for dropping by my blog...

  5. looks delicious and easy too.. =)

  6. seem easy to prepare/cook but for sure it taste yummy...
    thanks for dropping...