DIY Cantonese Siomai Recipe

Making this Chinese dumpling recipe, Siomai – at some point while chatting with particular circle of Facebook friends, I once mentioned about it. That didn’t escape Genny of and her inquisitive mind to ask for a recipe. It has been a while since I promised and I must admit it slipped my mind too until I got reminded about it again just recently. Oh Genny dear, I honestly apologize for this delay…
So, to start here are what you need to make Cantonese Siomai.
For Ingredients:

1 kilo ground pork
1 medium minced carrot
Chopped canned mushroom (a small can should be enough)
1 large minced onion
Chopped spring onions (about 3-5 stalks)
1 tbsp. cornstarch
1 egg
1 tbsp. sesame oil
Salt and black ground pepper to taste

For wrapping:
2 ½ x 2 ½ Won ton or siomai wrapper

And for that easy-peasy preparation and cooking procedure:

1. Simply bring all ingredients together in a large mixing bowl and blend it well.
2. Wrap a teaspoon of mixed ingredients using wonton wrapper.
3. Using a steamer, steam wrapped siomai for 15-25 minutes. Larger pieces would mean more time steaming.
4. Serve hot with soysauce, kalamansi with a drop of sesame oil dip. Share and enjoy!

the wrapped siomai

Another way to cook siomai is to deep fry it. Umm, I actually love both. :D

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  1. wow oh wow! both are my favourite food..thanks for sharing1 hope you can drop by mine!