WAHMO's New Mini Kitchen

Below, if you scroll down a bit you will see a collage of my unpainted place. I’m too skeptical to call it a house really since it is just a one-bedroom structure with a mini living room and a built-in comfort room so I am just more comfortable calling it my place. I just kept on forgetting it but I’ll seriously have to ask brother what its actual size is. :D

Anyway, inspired to keep this page going I have recently added a new mini kitchen to my humble place – narrowing my living room space all the more but I didn’t mind that in fact it made me feel fully independent now that I am no longer invading mom’s kitchen for food whenever I want something to eat especially if I prefer to stay up late at night.

Please see more reasons what I made this mini kitchen is for HERE.

Also recently, I’m becoming fond of kitchen recipes both familiar and new ones. So in order for me to conveniently explore those recipes I have to have a constant place where I can do them at my most convenient time. I am in fact starting to try some already and blogged about them here and to my other pages. ;)

Pretty much of what you see in my mini kitchen are new... except the toaster and the dishes. :D



  1. i love your kitchen. :) simple, organized and clean...how i wish my kids would cooperate with me after cooking their food :-p