No-Sweat Sweet Potatoes in Mushroom Gravy Recipe

I had this as one of my homemade stuffs for dinner last week. I am not sure if there’s similar recipes like this somewhere on the internet. All I know was I got hungry one night, scouted my fridge and saw these untouched bag of medium sized potatoes.
Using the above shown ingredients, here’s how I did the magic...

First, I took and skinned 2 of those medium sized potatoes, cut them into parts, brought to boil till cooked and set aside.

On a mixing bowl, drop 2 tbsp of Cream of Mushroom Powder, add a cup of water , sliced mushroom buttons and stir. Again, bring the mixture to boil in a saucepan, stir the mixture  constantly till it gets sticky. When done, pour the mixture in to cooked potatoes and serve.

You may as well add  meat chunks of your choice to add more flavor to it.

In my case, I had dumplings leftover that day. So I cut each into half and added it to my mixture and here's how it went. :D

See? No sweat! You at home can try it too! ;)

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  1. wow sis seems like an easy recipe to make, will try to make one to try it...thanks for sharing..

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  2. Oh. I'll tell my mom about this. Thanks for the recipe.

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  3. Sure, Marie, anytime. Thanks for visiting dear. :)

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