Leaving Home for a While

I was supposed to go see my sister yesterday. Spend some time with her before heading to Davao to wait for my Saturday flight to Manila. She’d been out there at my cousin’s place – where the hospital she planned on popping the new baby out is… should be happening around this week.

I’m all packed and could head out the door anytime but anxiousness has got into me. For one, it is the fact that I may not be able to get online as much as soon as I get there  and I know how it makes me restless every time. Two, I feel the need to see and talk to JK before he catches his flight out of his country and God knows, I don’t do well with Internet Cafes for that so I preferred to stay. Then the hard rain poured down – made me a little at-rest. Although I know on top of it all is the hard time. I do always have a hard time leaving my comfort zone… my home. After all, it is still where my heart is. But today I am... for a while.

Right now JK is out having dinner with his family. I’m waiting on him to come home so we can talk a little more before we set our view out of each other. In few hours he will be out in the air for a long stretch of hours while I’ll be heading out after lunch to finally go see my sister then to Davao I go to catch my Saturday flight. And in Manila is where I am going to meet the love of my life again for the second time.