Ready To Go Daring (On DIY House Painting)

I love colors. Who doesn't? I love playing with them and I love how my imagination runs wild with colors at times. If you scroll down a bit you will see a picture of my unpainted room. Guess what something daring yet exciting I have in mind to do with it... TO PAINT IT MYSELF!

Do you think that is something you can do? Well, it is something I wanna do regardless of how well or bad I can do it.  They say there's a right time for paint application to every newly built structure. And mine I believe already have passed that requirement. I want something different and I know playing with colors can be fun so I have my mind all set, I'll be painting my own humble place and that's gonna be soon, I hope... after JK's 15-day vacation here in the country! :D

I am not a very complicated type of person and so are my ideas. All I want for a color is something very easy to the eyes - something that radiates freshness at all times that I won't get ever tired making my room my work station at the same time. Though I haven't decided yet, I already have few color choices to use in mind and they could be any of the following shades: pale yellow, light pink, peach, tan, thistle (purple), rosy brown and green. Or if there' maybe anything you can suggest, bring it on! Who knows... your ideas may have been so much better than mine. ;)

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Images