Meet My Humble Place

It is a 3-room space especially designed and built for me and my blogging needs. I am the type of person who would rather be alone when working so ask me, I am literally alone most of the time.

It has a small living room and an exclusive bathroom just right in my bedroom. I prefer to work in my bedroom most of the time. Maybe after I can afford a new corner set then I might relocate myself.

What is good about having a small place is that it is so much easier to maintain and not to mention how it saves me from unnecessary spending. With a very limited space you can only wish for sensible stuffs that you want to have around. Personally, what I have in mind to complete my furnishings is just a simple corner set and an air condition unit. Hmm, I need to make double or even triple for that.  Hopefully before the year ends I will be able to materialize all those plans so then I can start planning for the painting. :D